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Wondall Road - Easter 2017
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Galah in the grounds at Wondall Road
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Wynnum foreshore
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Welcome to Bayside Uniting Church



Another movie called “Noah” was produced more recently, which seemed to lack both the comedy and biblical credibility. Interesting to see Aussie Ken Ham’s $100,000,000 project called Ark Encounter in Kentucky (pictured) as the biggest timber framed structure in the world at 155m long, has now been opened for almost a year,  the first 6 months boasted half a million people. “The museum and Ark direct people to the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ”. Sounds a bit like the third part of our purpose statement of “unashamed witness to the world”.

Even with Pottsville Funday price tag of about $5,000 per year, and maybe 500 people, some suggested it was an expensive attempt to give the church credibility and build community. But our purpose was simply to bless locals by demonstrating the generosity of God. Young families certainly appreciated the Fundays as Christ-centred people and churches assisted in being a blessing, free of charge.

Once every year I try to get to the cinema with Janette to watch a movie. Some years it happens.  This year it did. Geoff Waugh’s message from our church website podcast of 30 April, included an encouragement to see “The Case For Christ”, which was showing at Garden City…

Four of us, plus a dozen and a half – unknown others – (total 22) saw the movie at that session. Based on a true story, a young wife and mother opened her heart to the Lord after a compelling experience. She attempted to explain “I talked to Jesus, I told Him I wanted Him in my  life”. Meanwhile, her husband became jealous and sought to discredit her new-found faith and reclaim his beloved to the ‘safety’ of atheistic perspective.

I watched, and I wept. I thought about struggle, and hope, and, I thought about my earthly Dad who entered eternity in 2003. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again, in the presence of our Lord. It’s an earnest expectation. (When I turned 13, instead of a hug, he said “men shake hands”. Only after saying Yes to Jesus many years later, did the hugs and kisses return, in a close bond. I miss him. I saw beauty take over hardness.)


I see a beauty, a magnificence in what God does by the presence of His Holy Spirit, like this photo that Jill Paterson took at Bright, Vic recently.

I saw The C for C movie and heard magnificent words for a woman (words I want to say to my Mum, and would want my kids to say to their Mum), “You never stopped loving me, you never gave up on me, and God didn’t either” – Craig B.