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Wondall Road - Easter 2017
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Wynnum foreshore
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Welcome to Bayside Uniting Church

Seasons & Sunsets_2

How spoilt are we? Many things used to be seasonal, including fruit and veggies, but now they are imported or exported around the globe to give product availability most of the time. Development of early and late varieties add to the length of the selling season. And the new technologies that hold what is grown in cold storage longer and longer means they can be purchased most of the time by those who enjoy certain flavoursome fruits.
My sister Michelle visited the Family Farm in Coonabarabran recently taking this photo of the sky at either sunset or sunrise. I can only tell the difference by knowing the geography, whether the landmarks are located in the East or the West. I would be interested if you can tell from the sky whether it is taken early morning or late day.


Physical seasons are often clearly detectable by the colour and action of natural occurrences, like leaves on deciduous trees. New leaves become evident in Spring, fully mature leaves in Summer, colourful dropping leaves in Autumn and leaflessness in Winter.
Spiritual seasons can be described as times and places where we go that are not our natural preferences or inclinations. Sometimes God leads us to be somewhere and do some things that are Holy Spirit motivated and important for the influence of the gospel in other lives.

Ron Angell is well known to us at Bayside, and the seasons of his life are perhaps better known than most of our number. We’re aware that Ron prays for each member of his extended family – over 100 – daily (that’s almost a full-time job). Do you know Ron’s Granddaughter?

Rowan family

The Rowan family have experienced a very significant season of call, challenge and change, seeking to “make a difference for good and for God in Vanuatu” during the last six years. They even have Scripture to back up that sense of call: “Be
strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you and will never fail you nor abandon you” (Deuteronomy 31:6a, 8).

The challenge has been to build a home and a home-schooled family of seven; “God has stretched us, challenged us, moulded us and blessed us both as individual children of His and as a family unit”. Small changes – like rearranging the furniture – are easily accepted, but “big massive life changes” require being absolutely sure of God’s “seasons being in His perfect timing”. That reassurance is destined to bring the family back into Australia for another season, early in 2020.
“We need God's strength and equipping to finish this season well”. Please pray for the Rowans and their influence for Jesus where they currently live – sunset to sunset – in church and community within Vanuatu. Praying also that God will give increase and fruitfulness to the seed being sown and lives being refreshed and the harvest being encouraged there.
We trust they will be able to attend a Service here early next year and share some of
their experiences of this God–given season… Craig B.