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Wondall Road - Easter 2017
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Galah in the grounds at Wondall Road
Vi Heaton Hall, Wesleyville
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Wynnum foreshore
Wynnum foreshore
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Reverend Craig Blackburn



Welcome to Bayside Uniting Church

Dear Fellow Traveller on the Christian Journey of Life,

It is a challenging, yet a humbling experience to be a Christian disciple.   It is a great and adventurous journey to travel with, to walk alongside Jesus in our daily routine of work and leisure.   Toiling and relaxing are to be seen as avenues through which God makes Himself known to us.   We need an openness to see Him, to hear Him and to feel the depth of His love and mercy amid our successes and failures.   So often we fail to attain our personal goals.   So often we fail to meet His Divine demands that are necessary for a growing intimacy in our prayer and devotional life.   We cannot excuse ourselves by saying that life is too busy to give time to God.   Our devotional time alone with God is the powerhouse from which we are enabled to overcome our temptations, our anxieties and our human limitations including the lack of the sensitivity of His Presence abiding with us 24-7.

Shortly after Peter’s acknowledgement that he believed that Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah, the Saviour of the world (as recorded in Luke 9 v. 18-27) –“THE CHRIST OF GOD,” Jesus took Peter, James and John to a mountain to pray.   The change they saw in Jesus’ appearance, the two men who were with Him, (Moses and Elijah), had a profound influence upon them.  They heard a voice from heaven – “This is My Son, My Chosen, listen to Him.”   They remained silent and told no one of the incident they had witnessed.

Jesus had spoken of His departure from this world.    Later in His ministry with them He spoke of His Coming again.   This talk of going and coming againwas confusing to them.   To have such a close relationship with their Master and to lose Him was a bewildering experience, but Jesus was giving them the assurance that He would not leave them.    He would come again.   This assurance is the basis of HOPE, and brings the confidence that we are not left to our own devices or designs for our future.    We have the HOPE and ASSURANCE that Jesus’ promise is TRUE even though we do not know the exact time or date of it physically happening.   We do have His Word that we will not be left alone, but that He will be with us always – though not physically, but most certainly, He will be present with us – Spirit to spirit.

Hope in Scripture is a confident expectation for the future, describing both the act of hoping and the object hoped for.   When grounded in God, hope provides the motivation to live the Christian life even in the face of trouble.   The Psalmist amid his dilemmas is encouraged in his faith and confidence in God with the words – “Hope in God,” Whom he can praise as he acknowledges Him as “my help and my God.”   Hope is totally grounded in confidence and expectation of God’s goodness and providential care at all times and in all circumstances Hope means more than a vague wish that something will happen. It is a sure and confident expectation in God's future faithfulness and presence. The horizon of Christian hope extends beyond death into an eternity prepared by God Himself, this reality is guaranteed by Jesus.

An absence of hope leads to a loss of vision, a sense of despondency and ultimately to despair. This contrasts sharply with the Christian hope.   It leads to feelings of despair, a sense of abandonment by God, and can even lead to a deep longing for life to end.   We all have the choice of trusting in God or on depending upon our own futile self-effort to make our own way through life.   Abraham though he had no son had been promised by God that he would be the father of many nations. In what seemed humanly to be his hopeless situation he yet had HOPE, which became a realised fact (read Romans 4 v. 16 to 25).

The qualities of forbearance and self-control show themselves particularly in a willingness to wait upon God and His Will.   We are called upon to be patient in our expectations of God's actions, and in our relationships. (Read James 5 v. 7 and 8).  To wait, to have patience is a characteristic of love, and an aspect of faith and hope and is necessary in all aspects and situations in our life.   He has come and the promise that He is Coming again enlivens our Hope, Faith and Conduct.

From a Fellow Traveller.