Wondall Road Church
Wondall Road - Easter 2017
Messy Church
Galah in the grounds at Wondall Road
Vi Heaton Hall, Wesleyville
Vi Heaton Hall interior
Wynnum foreshore
Wynnum foreshore
Men's Shed
Reverend Craig Blackburn



Welcome to Bayside Uniting Church


Last Sunday evening, I received a phone call and an email to alert me to the truth that Nick Vujicic – whom we referred to in the morning – would be on 60 minutes on Dad’s Day night. Nick and I have some things in common, including the fact that our earthly Dads have already entered eternity. Nick V. is now not only a husband of 7.5 years duration, but a Dad of two boys and twin girls. Millions will watch the next segment of his life with his children on TV because he is known not just as an inspirational human being with a motivational message for all, but as a family man, with precious lives to nurture, protect and encourage. It was a real blessing for our family to be together on 24 May this year to hear him speak a powerful message at ‘Boomnight’ where hundreds of youth at Southbank Piazza responded to Jesus, gaining the heavenly Father’s favour, “as many as received Him, to them he gave the right (authority) to become children of God”. After the youth event, eight of us met with Nick briefly and we trust his whole family will travel to Australia some year soon…

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Josh wanted his Dad to let you know the favour he has been experiencing at YWAM… “Hey everyone, so it’s nearly been 8 weeks that I’ve been here in Newcastle, over halfway through lecture phase. All I can say is God is so good! I’ve made many amazing new friends here, from all over the world, ranging from the US and Canada, to Malaysia and even France. There’s even a few Aussie’s here too! We’ve quickly become one big family, and are already closer then I ever imagined we’d be.

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Lectures have also been a huge highlight, with a new topic every week. We’ve gone through Hearing God’s Voice; Father Heart of God; Nature and Character of God; Relationships; Living Word; Spiritual Authority and currently we are studying and Evangelism. Each week I’m gaining a deeper understanding of Jesus and how he has everything covered, there’s absolutely no need to worry about the future, just leave it all up to him. We’ve had so many incredible speakers, each one of them being so on fire for God, and they’ve all just been pouring out their wisdom and knowledge on us. This past week we have found out where we are heading on outreach and I am super excited because our team heading for a short outreach locally in Newcastle before flying out to New Zealand for 4 weeks followed by 2.5 weeks in PNG. Thanks everyone who’s been praying for me, I’ll keep you updated as best I can. God Bless!! Josh B.” Craig B.